Complete 5 sets of each of the following.  Rest 90 sec between each exercise. 

10 DB skull crushers AHAP
10 side lateral raises AHAP
10 BB biceps curls AHAP
10 dead lifts 95/135

Post weights used to comments. 

Lots of questions about Rx+ week.  Let's answer some of them ... 

1.  Can we do Rx+ week if we aren't part of GPP?  Hell, yes.  We hope you will.  Thing is, NOW you are though ...   

2.  What  "Nutrition Plan" should we follow?  Any one that you want to if it serves your healthy needs.  For clarity (because I was once called out on this) cupcakes and candy bars generally won't suffice.  Last year we all did a modified version (added calories - balanced macronutrients) BCD together.  It was cool because so many of us were in the same boat - STARVING!  It added positively to this experience for many of us because we were all doing something healthy and had comrades in arms (so to speak).  What we realize is, there is NO ONE specific nutritional program that works for everyone.  We all have different needs.  While some of us thrived last year with BCD, others did not.  Nor could they have.   

If you have a nutritional program that you follow and thrive under - please do it.  Only this week, DO IT TO THE LETTER.  No cheats.  If you don't have one, or don't know what works for you - may we suggest BCD as a stepping off point?  It has helped thousands.  It might help you too.  Plus, many of us will be doing it with you.  You'll need to add 300-700 calories (depending on your body size) of equal parts CHO/PRO/FAT to negotiate the nutritional demands of this week.  In terms of full disclosure, this is still very low calorie stuff.  Thrivable, but be conscious that you may need increases to keep up.  Post questions about it to comments.  Many have experience with BCD.  They can help.  We'll help too.  

3.  Can we order Rx+ shirts from off-site?  Yep.  look to the right of this page.  See that shirt?  Click it.  We are set up to take orders online now.  Other cool shirts will be coming soon.  If you don't see the one you want, just wait a bit.  We'll get it up soon.    

4.  What if I can't do all of the workouts?  This question requires a 2 part answer. 

a) Few humans have the ability to withstand the rigors of doing every rep/set/round/sprint/weight we will be calling for next week.  Fewer still, could do this without enduring injury (ies - plural!).  Now, many GPP vets will pull an Rx next week and come out of it completely unscathed, but many, many more of us won't/can't/shouldn't try.  The rules state you need to show up to every workout and "participate fully."  Those who "participate fully" should tread well back of the line that delineates injury from results. 

b) Those of you who can't do all of the workouts because important things in your lives have come up which will make it impossible/implausible for you to be at every workout - COOL.  GPPeeps workout so that we can be more effective humans.  You've got human things to do.  Go be a human.  Come grab as many workouts as you can with us next week and, hopefully you can get your Rx+ shirt next year.  Better yet, do your own version of what you see on the site.  Follow the rules by posting pics and comments - and you got it. 

If you have more questions, please post them to comments.  If you have answers please post those, too.   

More nutritional advice to come (on Sunday).  Start getting hydrated NOW.  Don't overdo it, but drink until your urine becomes slightly pale.   


You know you've got blazing fast burpees when the camera can't focus on the middle part of the pic.  Welcome back Troy!