Every 2 minutes perform the required amount of reps per exercise.  Rest precisely 30 seconds.   Then, move to the next exercise and begin another 2 min. of work.  Continue until you have completed 3 full rounds.  The exercises are:

50 KB swings 25/35
50 chair dips
50 BB clean curls 45/65
50  OH DB press (strict - ish) 15/20

Post total cumulative reps missed to comments.


Clean Curl 101


"(strict-ish)?" - 50 OH DB presses (strict) 15/20 is NO JOKE.  It will simply be beyond the capacity of many.  This doesn't mean you should abandon form and begin jumping (push pressing) them though.  

The emphasis with strict presses is to shape your shoulders.  It is a glamorous muscle group that deserves our attention during HELLth week.  So, do your very best to keep these strict.  If however (after 30 reps, or so), you find yourself fatigued, and the clock is running out.  It is SOMEWHAT acceptable to put a TINY bit of slop in those remaining reps.  

Here is the thing, reps which are completely and flagrantly jumped cannot be counted.  Not that we are trying to abide by sombody's made up rules of weightlifting.  We don't care about those.  We only care about how those rules apply to our goals.  Which is the only point of exercising in the first place.  If you find yourself jumping (push-pressing) reps, please realize you might be robbing yourself of the shaping benefit of this movement.  It will be better for you to miss reps and complete them with more strict form.  Jumping reps (push-pressing) has its place.  Just not today.  


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