3 sets of 5 reps clean curls AHAP
3 sets of 10 reps alt DB biceps curls (strict) AHAP

100 situps for time

3 sets of 5 reps skull crushers AHAP
3 sets of 10 reps triceps pushdowns (bands) AHAP

100 back extensions for time

Post weight used per set and times for ab movements to comments.


Clean curls work best when you find a weight that is too heavy to pull from arms extended to arms all the way bent with strict form.  To do these right (after you are warmed up and have experimented with a few weights first), you should jump them to the "up" position.  DON'T lean back.  It puts too much strain on the low back.  Can cause injury.  Jump it instead.  Like a hang clean.   

From there, bring it down under complete control, maximizing the eccentric (negative) contraction of the biceps muscles.  It is best if you take 2-4 counts to lower the weight.  Remember, you are much stronger lowering the weight, so take your time.  If you can't lower it under complete control, you'll need to lower the weight.

Take your time with this workout today.  Get plenty of rest between sets.  90 -120s should be good.  


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JMc (GPP Portland) using his fitness!  Do you see the hidden GPP?  Click the image to enlarge.  Post where you see it to comments!