1 time through.  Not timed.

35 pushups

300 rope jumps

35 pullups

400m run

35 KB high Sumos 35/53

35 box jumps

35 OH DB press (strict) 15/20

500m row

35 OH triceps ext 15/25

100 KB swings

Post planned weekend activities to comments.  Have a great weekend!  


Ironman Family



Day 1 of a ROUGH week for these dancers.  These Utah Jazz Dancers hopefuls are just completing a week of 2-a-days (click HERE to see a video) at the hands of GPP programming (they also did a bunch of dancing and other instruction).  It went 2 hours per day.  Beneficial, but - MY @#!*% ROUGH!  Very proud of them.  Thinking about this type of thing for OUR next challenge.  I'll post 2 workouts per day and we'll storm them for a week.  Would you be in?