5 rounds for time:

25 plate cleans 25/45
2 min. switches
25 burpee double pumper

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This one was ROUGH last time we did it. 

Have a look at these plate cleans before you come in for the workout tomorrow.  In the middle of the demo I say (its muffled), "don't flip your plate."  It is the most common mistake.  Not extending your hips is most common cheat.  I've gotten in a hurry before and not gotten my hips extended every time.  It is quicker, but you get less out of it. 


Congratulations to our CCC winners!  Wendy Haslam pulled off a very narrow victory.  Her 646 total points edged out Kate Robert's score by 1 measly point.  An OUTSTANDING effort on both of your parts.  You both definitely inspired me to do better.  Thank you.  Please contact me (Neil) to arrange for your prize money ($500 to 1st place, $250 to 2nd).    

We are in the planning stages right now for our next CCC challenge.  We are shooting for late August - early Sept.  It was an amazing experience.  One that I am still reaping benefits of.  Hope you'll consider joining us.  I'm excited to better my last score.  


Kerryne - WOW!