5 rounds on trainers count

20 weighted situps 15/20
20 T2T seated db OH press 15/20
20 sec. 6 inches
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (R)) 15/20
20 V-ups
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (L) 15/20


1 mile run

Post reps completed and time of mile to comments.


Homestyle (for those off-site with limited equipment) - Do as written.


Q: Should I be taking a multi-vitamin?

A:  When making the decision whether you will take a multi, or not, keep this in mind:  EVERY process that occurs within your body (digestion, movement, cell regeneration, immune response, conscious thought, unconscious thought, hormone regulation, weight maintenance, etc. & etc.) takes place in the presence of water, energy, vitamins and minerals. 

The real question, for me, is - What happens if I am absent (even just low on) any of these things? 


Have you started going to Zumba yet?  HERE is a link!  Expressions Dance runs the most amazing program in Utah!  Bar none!