100 situps
4 mins wall sits (accumulated total time in position)


25-20-15-10-5 reps per round for time:

row (level 10)
deadlift 95/135
rolling pushups (windmill pushups - the "over 40" Rx)

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- To perform a proper wall sit you are to sit in a static hold squat with your back against the wall.  Thighs at parallel to the floor, or slightly below.  


-  To gain the most benefit from rows for count, you should strive to complete as long of a pull on the chain (handle) as is comfortably possible.  For many of you, the range of motion begins with torso against thighs (loading up the front end), and ends with legs fully extended and hips extended short of excessive lay back.  Lay back is specific to each individual, so find the right turn around point to maximize YOUR specific stroke without becoming inefficient.  Too far forward or back is inefficient.  Don't start the pull with your arms until your legs and hips are almost fully spent.  Arms should remain relaxed throughout. 


Q:  Why writing the on the walls?

A:  Instruction to help with workouts.  Maybe a bit of inspiration.  And to tell our story.

I'm sitting at the front desk the other day having a great conversation with a very dear friend who is one of our OLDEST vets.  She was over 3 years old (with us).  She goes, "What does GPP stand for?"

Shocked, I yelled, "GENERAL PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS" at her as if she was some sort of idiot.  

She half-yelled back, "Where is THAT written?" as she looked around the room like I was some sort of idiot.


It occurs to me (well, NOW it does after numerous conversations about this with many of you) that we don't do a very good job of branding.  After all, if one of our most ardent supporters doesn't know what GPP stands for, how is it that we can expect anyone to know ANYTHING we stand for?  Easiest solution - Write it where folks can see.  As Kate R. said, "Put it where no one could avoid it!"  

Look for much more writing in the coming months and years.  In fact, if you can think of some GPPism that has helped, or inspired you, please remind us of it so we can get it up.  Maybe it'll help, or inspire another.  

Here is the rule:  Everything on the walls must be uniquely GPP stuff.  Quotes from dead presidents, or Pinterest probably won't help us convey OUR message.  Then again ...