By Megan Wallace

I was surprised the first time my daughters asked me to measure them. I shouldn’t have been, because I know how much they see and follow what I do. Yet it surprised me.  Not only did they want me to measure them, they also wanted to be weighed.  After we finished weighing and measuring they ask me if they were ok. This concerned me. Of course they were ok; in fact they were more than ok they were and are perfect. But they needed to know that, they needed me to tell them that they were perfect, and they needed to know why. I believe their question had to do with self assurance and little to do with actual body shape and size.

An amazing woman, Stephanie Neilson said “I am not my body,” and neither are you or your children. We are all so much more than our bodies.  But today the world would have us believe our bodies are everything.

There is an idea that there is one perfect male and female body. I reject that. When we accept, promote and agree that there is one perfect body shape we must either all work for that one body shape or accept defeat and second best. We must not do that.  We can not become obsessed with body image.  We must work to gain fitness, to shape our bodies, to be the healthiest and fittest we can be, but remember we are much more than that. 

GPP has always been about optimal health and fitness. It is what we do, and who we are. We are not a normal gym. We do not encourage or suggest you ignore all other aspects of your life to achieve the perfect body. We want to help you improve and create the healthiest, fittest, most beautiful you and we want you to love it. We do this in the most affective, fastest way possible that encourages and allows you to improve every aspect of your life.

Additionally, we want to assist you in helping your children develop their fitness and positive body image. Teach by example. Your children see what you do, they recognize if mom is always complaining about her body, or if she is happy with herself. They know if dad is obsessed with his biceps, or physically strong. You must lead. Your children will follow. You are not your body!