by Meg Wallace

One way we work towards obtaining optimal health at GPP is through our Crash Course Challenges. I love the CCCs! Yet, I never feel I can really participate since I am one of the trainers, but during this last CCC I was inspired to create a points system to help change some habits in my family this summer.

In my families CCC there is not a single winner, but instead we are all working toward an opportunity to eat out (something my children love and something Damon and I have begun to do too often). To keep it simple and allow for choice and accountability and mistakes we must each have eight days in a fourteen day period where we obtain all 12 points and then we go out to eat.

Daily Points Breakdown

4pts- 4 glasses of water

3pts- 3 servings of vegetables

2pts- 2 servings of fruit

1pt- workout

1pt- vitamin

1pt- no treat

For me and my daughters (Damon has been out of town so we are excited to get him involved this next week) this has been a great starting point to getting back on track with some important healthy habits.

GPP is about optimal health. Becoming healthy does not happen in isolation because life is not an isolated experience. Share what you have done and are doing in addition to your GPP workout to become healthy!