Globo Jim:  "I just can't get rid of these love handles." 

Partner:  "You still doing Yoga?"

Globo Jim:  "Couple times per week." 

Partner:  "Good.  How about cardio?"

Globo Jim:  "Right after Yoga." 

Partner:  "Maybe you should start hitting the weight room." 

Globo Jim:  "Yeah, I could use some more curls and crunches." 

Partner:  "More curls and crunches will definitely help. I'd start there." 

Globo Jim:  "Cool.  I'll start next week, right after Pilates - if I can find a parking spot."

Partner:  "OMH, Right?  I had to drive around for a 10 minutes to find a parking spot that was close." 

Globo Jim:  "I hate that.  Well, at least they got the escalators fixed - I have been complaining for weeks."

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