by Neil Anderson

Globo dude:  "You know she was doing that wrong don't you?"

me:  "How do you know?"

Globo dude: "I have been lifting now for..."

me (interrupting):  "Not, how do YOU know?...HOW do you know?"

Globo dude:  "I attended the university of..."

me (interrupting again):  "Not, how do you KNOW?...HOW do you know?"

Globo dude (frustrated); HOW do I know what?

me: HOW do you know what she is doing?

Globo dude: "she's doing pull-ups...d... (almost says "dumb-ass")"

me (stopping the profanity):  "And why do you think she is doing pull-ups?"

Globo dude (face contorts as he tries to think of ONE other reason in the world a person would do a pull-up other than to build VERY LARGE muscles): "To build muscle?"

me:  "so you don't KNOW?"

Globo dude: "huhm?"

me:  "I thought you were her fire chief or something"

Globo dude (emphatically): HUHM?

me: "I was teaching her a more efficient and effective way of doing pull-ups, using a kip.  The requirements only read that she must do a certain amount pull-ups, each rep from the straight elbow position to chin over the bar position to qualify for the city job she is trying for.  It didn't specify that kipping pull-ups would be disqualified.  So, when I asked HOW you knew she was doing it wrong, I was asking if you had knowledge that superseded her manual?

Globo dude:  "What's a kipping pull-up?"

me: "The question you should have lead with."