Compete 5 rounds of the following exercises. Each exercise is to be followed immediately (no rest) by a burnout set of "pulse" reps as below.

10 goblet squats 15/20 - goblet squat pulse burnout 15/20
10 seated DB bent row 15/20 ea. - seated DB bent pulse burnout 15/20 ea.
10 seated DB OH press (strict) 15/20 ea. - seated DB OH pulse burnout 15/20 ea.
10 triceps cable p/d 4/8 - triceps cable pulse burnout 4/8
10 BB biceps curls 25/45 - BB biceps pulse burnout 25/45
20 situps - pulse crunch burnouts

Try your best to count pulses. Post number of pulses per set and perceived concentration level (1-10 scale) to comments. 

Daily Extras - Run 800m before & after the workout

Workout Notes:

  1. Do reps slowly with near perfect form. Start the burn here.

  2. The reps of 10 should be done at 2-0-2-0 speed.

  3. Pulse burnouts run concurrent to their corresponding sets. No rest here. Put together, the exercise and it's pulses should look like only 1 set. Pulse to utter failure, or until form breaks down. Rookies ignore.

  4. Move quickly between exercises. No rest. 

  5. No cables to p/d? Do OH triceps ext. Pulse in the bottom of the movement with elbow angle smaller than 90 degr. 

  6. The final set (#5) is the most important. Vets, focus and push with all you've got. Rookies - ignore that!

  7. In this workout, there is a point at which you'll WANT to quit performing reps. This is the wrong place to stop. Stop at the point where you CAN'T perform good reps. Again, rookies ignore!

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