3 rounds of:

4 strict chinups
12 biceps BB curls AHAP
25 alt DB biceps curls 15/20
rest 90 sec

Limit rest during triplet.  Rest as needed after each triplet. 

3 rounds of:

4 deep ring dips
12 BB skull crusher 45/65
25 OH triceps ext 15/30
rest 90 sec.

3 rounds of (limit rest):

15 hanging knees to shoulders (KTS)
20 side ups R
20 side ups L
20 Superman back ext.

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Daily Extras - 20 min low grade cardio. “Low grade” = 5-7 RPE

Workout Notes:

  1. How to progress to doing strict chinups

  2. Alt biceps curls should be done one at a time. Both arms need 25 reps.

  3. No rings to dip? Bar dips are fine. No bars to dip? Weighted chair dips will work.

  4. BB skull crushers can be done from the ground as well as the bench.

  5. Cables would work well for those OH triceps ext.

  6. If you have trouble doing those KTS while hanging, try them seated.

  7. Hatfield: What, How & Why - by Neil Anderson

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