Warm-up - 3 rounds  (rest 90 sec between each round)

20 Aussie pullups 
20 v-twists 15/20
20 lat pull downs 5/9
20 situps

Workout: 5 rounds (no rest)

8-12 unilateral DB row R AHAP
150 m arms only row
8-12 unilateral DB row L AHAP
150 m arms only row

Post weights used per round.

Daily Extras - 

- Ladies complete 75 PERFECTLY strict pushups
- Gents complete 100 PERFECTLY strict pushups

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay flexible with the number of Aussies you do today. It's just a warm up. If you typically get sore arms from these, stay below 50 total. Less if you're new. Take plenty of rest between warm-up sets. 90-120 seconds suggested.
  • Take no rests between rounds of the workout. It'll be interesting to see the difference between the weights posted for set #1 vs. set #5. 
  • Remember this suggestion? "It'll be interesting to see the difference in weights posted between this workout and the NEXT time we do this one, which is the point." 
  • Having a hard time doing those pushups (daily extras) using STRICT form? Try one knee pushups
  • I like to brace myself on a bench with one hand while I do bent rows with the other hand. That'll help those of you who's backs feel a little smoked from yesterday's bent rows. 

Musings ...

Single Arm Snatches NOT functional???

She was probably just arguing for argument's sake. Maybe she was just having a bad day and feeling a smidge pissy. But for Hell's sake, It's not like you can't see the FRICKIN fitness in a single arm snatch. YES, I give her that it's not a common movement, but to say "That movement is NOT functional" seems asinine. Not calling her an ass. I truly love her! We argue all of the time. Just saying her comment was asinine. I thought about arguing harder, but IF I've learned any ONE thing in the last 47 years it's that it's a waste of time to try and reason with the irrational.

It was just plain, dumb luck that I stumbled onto the vid below. But I still feel somewhat vindicated. Enough so to draft this open letter:

Dear Asinine commenter from earlier in the day, 

Remember how you yelled "Single arm snatches aren't functional" at me? To your credit, you finished every rep even though you "HATE" them. I'm very proud of this and feel humbled that you would. As to your argument, please watch the video to the right. After you see it (starts at :26s), I have only this to say ... IN YOUR FACE! :)



5:30pm SLCTH rocks! If you are in the area, come storm with us!