4 sets of:
75 tap down crunches
rest 60s

3 sets of:
8-10 front squats (med-heavy)
rest 2-4 min

3 sets of:
10-12 OH BB press strict (med-heavy)
rest 90s

2 rounds for time:
500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
400m run
25 KB swings 25/35

Post weights used & time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

If you  have time left over (this one can drag on) complete:

1000 rope jumps

Workout Notes: 

  • It's a given that your lats are torched, but also, some of you need to stay away from your shoulders. We've been indirectly hammering them this week. The OTC - KB & Runimals workouts can be pretty rough on shoulders. If you are one of those whose shoulders are also smoked, skip the shoulder stuff. Let them rest. Maybe consider subbing shoulder presses for BB biceps curls (strict). I know it looks like we just did biceps curls yesterday. But, we kind of didn't. Those KB biceps curls weren't really aimed more at your arms. Your core did all the heavy lifting. If you are feeling biceps, just skip this section altogether. Maybe just go straight to the extras!
  • Remember, when given a range of reps (8-10, or "heavy") we assume you'll choose a weight where you'll complete 8 reps, but cannot complete 10 with good form.  It'll take some experimenting on your part to find an appropriate starting weight. Rest times will come heavily into play here. 90s of rest for that OH BB press will require a different (lower) weight than if we programmed 2-4 min of rest. Take this into account.   
  • Stay plastic with your weight. IOW you might have to change the weight used for the 3rd set.
  • Feel free to superset exercises for the lifting portion of the workout. Just note the rest times. Don't rest a muscle group more than is recommended. The cool thing is, your shoulders are recharging during squats. 
  • Go back and look at your last performance on Row/KB, Run/KB.  You'll want to work at a faster average pace today than you'd typically go at that workout.  Pin your HR (rookies ignore) to get the most out of this workout today.  

I took this with my phone Monday night while riding (MTN bike). #usingmyfitness #halfwayupthewasatch #srslynotusingacamerafilter #iknowpicsofsunsetsarecheesy&cliche