Complete 1600 rope jumps for time.

Immediately pay a 5 burpee + 5 pullup + 15 pushup (strict) + 20 squat penalty for each miss. This workout caps at 20 min.

Post time and burpees completed to comments. If you capped out, post jumps + penalties completed to comments.

I've read this a few times. I love it. 

"So, we do not strive to be firemen, we do not strive to be bankers, nor policemen, nor doctors. WE STRIVE TO BE OURSELVES."

- Hunter S. Thompson

I just plain disagree with the message in the video below. To me, it is EVERY BIT as manipulative and deceitful as what they are accusing beverage companies of doing. AND FOR THE SAME REASON. #momoney

Here's what got me: 

[old man in hospital bed in hospital gown singing (I'd like to buy the world a Coke tune). Has frightened eyes and fable look on his face.] 
"I'd like to teach the world about ..."

[older woman with unhealthy pale complexion surrounded by doctors (type 2 diabetes in caption) sings. She looks like she could faint/die at any time. The doctors are there to save her if she does.]
"What sugar did to me ..."

 [Fit looking doctor (female and male) types singing. Expressions on their faces are like, "Damn! So sorry, man. It wasn't YOUR fault. And now you're going to die.]
"Liquid calories gave her diabetes ..."

[Back to old man in the hospital bed, this time surrounded by scared looking younger female (presumed daughter/granddaughter figure) and same male doctor (he seems sad now, like he just gave the terminal news to both of them) finish the stanza while shaking heads "no" with]
"Which really ain't so sweet" 

My thoughts? Liquid calories never "gave" any adult human diabetes. (Maybe there's an argument for kids here - another day.)

Surely you can drink TOO MUCH sugary soda. Surely doing so would have toxic health ramifications. But then again, what ON EARTH couldn't you say this about? Even the purest most healthy foods and beverages consumed in excess will cause disease and kill, right?

How can any of us EVER be expected to stop ourselves from over-consuming - well, ANYTHING?!

But who would benefit from manipulative/entertaining scare tactics which use funny puns (punny funs?) at the expense of human frailty (they actually use the real & diseased actors from the original Coke commercial)? If I had to guess, it could only be a "charitable" foundation who survives solely on donations from you and I and the most easily scared among us. Maybe this "charitable" foundation would even have a catchy name. And a cool tagline. 

No WAY! It'd be too obvious. No one would fall for it!