Daily Extras - 

Complete as many squats as possible in 4 minutes.
Rest 1 min
Row as far as possible in 4 minutes.
Rest 1 min
Complete as many V-ups as possible in 4 minutes.

Workout Notes:

Be looking to see a few burpees this week. 

This is the easiest of our burpee workouts.  Somehow putting another movement inside of a burpee makes it way easier. Stringing them together back to back is what makes them hard.  The first 25 are rough. After that - it's smooth sailing. 

Here are a couple of thoughts on burpees:

Better burpee box jumps (easier this way)
Burpee revisited
Burpee: King of All Exercises
100 bupees sub 5 min

Thanks Kristi (love your hair)!

"We love @gppfitness and love the fact that we can do the workouts anywhere ... Saturday Rec workout kicked our trash! I love working with and out with my family, life is good!