2 rounds:

5 min of continuous high knee (RIP).
on whistle, interrupt RIP with 4 lunge switches  (R+L=2) - continue RIP. 

rest 1 min

5 min of continuous situps
on whistle, interrupt situps with 1 tuck jump - continue situps. 

rest 1 min

Post total unbroken minutes of high knees & situps completed to comments.

- RIP = Run In Place

- Whistle blows no less than 4x/min

- This workout has the distinction of being the first workout conducted at GPP HQ. 

Monika will be testing nutrient levels in the skin tomorrow.  If you tested last time and would like to see if there have been any changes please plan on spending a couple of extra minutes before, or after your workout.   


Ever get one of these?  Post how to comments.