On trainer's count:

Biceps Medley - 4 rounds.

20 alt BB biceps curls 25/45
20 T2T bent rows 25/45
biceps 21's
Rest 30 sec.

Abs Medley - 4 rounds.  

20 sec. plank hold
10 plank complex R
10 plank complex L
20 back ext.
Rest 30 sec.

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds.

10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext R 10/15
10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext L 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
20 narrow pushups
Rest 30 sec

Post Rx to comments.


Careful with the weights/reps/rounds prescribed for this workout today.  This is a new workout with new movements.  Rookies and Veterans alike should not be afraid to scale back.  Sometimes a new workout can wreck even the most seasoned veteran.  Know your limits.  If there is any question, default on the side of too little.  Trust us...THIS one will come back around.  Excited to storm this with you all!


Rhett demos exactly why we do these.  That thing looks like a tumor!