"I have been online for a couple of months and just love the workout, the intelligence and the community.  I am also a pediatric Physical Therapist working typically with the 0-8 year old population.  Recently, I picked up an 18 year old woman who had a stroke as a result of years of cancer treatments.  We have been working on strengthening.  Well, today we added GPP.  WAAAAY modified, but gpp!!!!  We did .12 walk (2.0 mph) followed by three hip exercises, .12 walk followed by 3 abdominal workouts, .12 mph  followed by three shoulder exercises, and .12 (with 2.5# weights on!) followed by three back exercises.  We added music.  She was happy and DRIPPING WITH SWEAT!  This was an incredible addition to her program.  I am so excited to be able to share.
Not only have I come to love my daily workouts, now I can share my love with my kids at work.
Just wanted to show you how this workout/philosophy can change alll sorts of lives." 

Thanks for everything!!
Jill W.