Took Army PT test today after a week off from any physical activity. Not because I was tapering, just because I was kind of lazy. I did score my highest ever though.

Height/wt: First time ever not needing to be taped. I actually made weight for my height, 194lbs.

PU: did 69=96pts, needed 73 to earn 100% Grader didn't count 1st 5 because I was supposedly not coming all the way up. I think I was just way to lightning fast for his eyes in the 0545 darkness of the morning.

SU: did 76= 100pts needed 76 for 100%. Way to go me. I've always sucked at SU prior to GPP. (not that I any good at them now)

2mile run: 15:10 = 86 pts. needed 13:36 for 100%. I'm not sure that this will ever happen unless I quit my job and hire a track coach.

Total 282 of 300.

Best score so far, however I’ve never actually tried my hardest before either since I know I can’t run fast enough to max the run. I really would like to max the test 300/300 before I get out of the army in July, so I will be working on my run times.

October 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGatorguy