I DID IT! I finally am to my goal weight. It has been 1 year and 4 months since I got back from Africa, 20 lbs heavier than I have ever been (it only took 6 months to acquire that, I loved the food too much). It took me forever, I was not trying hard the ENTIRE time but most of it. I got really discouraged when the first ten pounds came off in the first few months but then I was stuck with 6 lbs to lose for about 8 months. I did the CCC in the spring and even did the 4 day fast and lost nothing. I was so frustrated I was even to the point where I would work out and could run 6 miles (never done that before). Well three weeks ago I was three pounds away, I was so stoked that I had finally gotten past that wall and now I am where I wanted to be, 130 lbs!!! I feel awesome and am so relieved. I need to come down to get measured because I think I still have a half inch on my legs to lose. Now just some toning and to maintain. Perfect time for my wedding which is in two months!

Just had to share. Thank you all for your support when I was having a rough time, especially being up in Logan.

Neil thank you for always being positive and motivating me and never putting me down, even when I was slacking. You really are meant to do this kind of stuff, just hearing you speak reminds me that I can do anything.

So for those of you who have weight to lose and think it is not possible or you are at a wall, just keep going and eventually your hard work and patience will pay off. Don't stress about it too much. Be nice to yourself and just keep at it, even if it takes a year and a half :).  -Kourtney Blanc 10/14/12