For the last 2 years I've been chuckling about about a book I've read/listened to a half dozen times. Damn thing cracks me up while it simultaneously instructs me on how to be a better cyclist. 

Prophet Merckx & Apostle DeVlaeminck. Source:

Prophet Merckx & Apostle DeVlaeminck. Source:

Truth is, I don't give a damn about cycling. I love to ride my bikes in the mountains and on the road and I do it often, but I'm no cyclist. Frankly, I think cyclists are silly. For a bunch of guys & gals peddling around in neon colored spandex with a diaper-like pad between their legs, they take themselves altogether too damn seriously. But, I love this book.

The book is called "The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple" written by author(s) unknown who collectively go by the title "the Velominati". It's claimed to be a collection of rules compiled over many decades and handed down by the "keepers of the cog."  The "Rules" are for helping veteran and padawan cyclists alike embrace the lifestyle and techniques of road biking. It covers everything from way of life, to style, heritage, authenticity, wisdom and performance. It is the cyclists bible. 

It's wickedly funny. 

If you are a cyclist and have a sense of humor about yourself, read it. 

The point? Every time I read this book I wish there was a list of rules for getting fit and healthy. Not a stupid boring list like most fitness experts would compile, but a list with equal portions practicality and irony as the list generated by the "Velominati." 

In fact, I keep watching's new releases section hoping that list of "The Rules: Way of the Health and Fitness Disciple" will show up in my feed. Two years on now and - no list. This pisses me off. I need them to get FRICKIN on it. But, alas, I have given up on them. Cyclists (remember, they're silly) have a wretchedly NARROW focus on life. Anything that doesn't have wheels on it is generally disregarded and cataloged as unworthy.    

So, I'm going to start my own compilation of "Rules." Be Warned: this will be an utter rip-off of the "Velominati" book. I make no apologies about this. They did it right. I see no need to reinvent the "wheel" as it were. That being said, "The Rules: Way of the Health and Fitness Disciple" will be mostly different (except rule #5) and it will be in my own words. So, there's that.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, I'll keep a working list of these rules in the "musings" section of this site. After a few months, this list ought to start coming together. 

Could use your help and wisdom. Do me a favor. Go to this link and listen to the preview of the Velominati book. Then go here and check out the list of rules. If it sparks some of your own thoughts on "The Rules: Way of the Health and Fitness Disciple" shoot them to me. I'd love to add them to the collective.