Regarding Nutrition recommendations for Rx+ week ...

There is power in community.  If all of us are doing nearly the same thing this week with our nutrition, it will help to inspire and empower each of us as individuals to do better and be more successful.  This week we suggest a round of Burst Cycle dieting with a couple of very important changes.  Changes are as follows:

1.  Burst Cycle is very low calorie dieting (roughly 1100 calories per day).  If you are doing all the workouts this week, your caloric needs will be much higher than what this diet provides.  Find out your daily caloric needs by clicking HERE.  Now, simply make up the difference by taking in lean protein ONLY.  Most of us plan to do this with protein shakes to ensure strict compliance.  

Side note: If you have a goal to lose weight and are using this week as a jump start to that goal, we suggest you take in significantly fewer calories than the calorie calculator suggests you eat.  You'll definitely need to add calories this week, but your goal should be to take in only what is needed to support your activities and lean body weight.  Ask trainers for suggestions.  

2.  Burst Cycle calls for a "day off" after the 3rd day.  Since this Rx+ week only lasts 6 days, we are skipping this.  This is NOT suggested on-goingly.  Follow all other Burst Cycle rules as written. 

One more thing:  You will need to pay special attention to your fluid intake this week.  Remember, much of your fluid intake comes in the form of the foods you eat.  Since you are limiting calories, and since you are increasing activity, and since it will be HOT this week, you'll need to significantly increase water intake.  You may also consider adding an electrolyte supplement to prevent cramping.

Good Luck this week.  Shoot any questions you have for us into the comments section of each daily workout.  Most people will have the same questions, so they'll be better answered there.