"I'm gaining weight from two-a-days?  WTH?!  I thought we'd all lose weight by doing this thing?!"

Well, you will - eventually (if ... right?).  The thing is, this two-a-day thing is pretty hard on your body.  You're likely to have a stress response to the beating you're in the middle of.  It's very common in racers and those who push their bodies to their outermost limits.  Back me up on this?  Anybody?  

Scientists believe it is due to several combinations of factors.  First the obvious.  It's likely swelling and inflammation.  If you have sore muscles and joints, you know exactly what I'm talking about here.  It's hard to think of a scenario where this wouldn't impact your weight.  The next factor has to do with replenishing your glucose supply.  Exercise pulls a lot of glucose out of you.  Your body wants it back, because your brain cannot run without it.  It takes 4 parts water to put back the 1 part glucose you used.  This water adds up and is temporary.  The next factor probably has to do with all the water you are taking in.  Hopefully this is a factor.  You really NEED to be taking in extra water right now.  

Anyway, don't let it get you down.  WE do this same 2-a-day thing with many of the dancer groups we work with.  Most of the dancers gain weight (3-5 lbs. on average) by the end of the week.  Some as high as 10 lbs!  It FREAKS them out!  But, after 3-6 days it usually regulates and even goes WAY down.  You just have to be a little patient and let your body calm down.