by Megan Wallace

The other day I had a little chat with a friend. Our conversation got me thinking deep. Now bear with me because this is about to get hairy. We talked about how hair can help us express ourselves (positive) but it can also disguise us (negative). Think about it. What if all your hair was gone today (guys you are included in this). How would you feel? What would be different about you? Would you be a different person, have a different brain, different functionality, different emotional, mental, spiritual feelings and thoughts? 

Although you may feel insecure or uncertain, you are still you, right? What is the difference?  The difference is sometimes we let our appearance determine how others think of us.  Worse, sometimes we let what others think of us affect how we think of ourselves.  We are all in this hairy journey for the same thing.  Success.  How is it that we expect to be successful if we let ourselves be limited by how we appear on the outside?  Or more to the point, how others feel about how we appear?    

At GPP we understand that we are all in the same boat.  We GET that a person's self-worth would not be determined by the length, cut, style or color of someone's hair, or lack thereof.  We would neither impose our own views upon a person's appearance, nor would we stand for another's views to be imposed upon us, intentional or not.  We are happy to leave that kind of thing to other places, besides we are too busy avoiding the Yak to even care.  Choose your hairstyle and wear it well.  Go bald, go big, go short, go blue - just get GOing.  And while your going, bring others along with you.