It's Just One Day

Every year my extended family goes to Bear Lake for the day and when we are finished we get shakes. This year our trip occurred during Rx+week. My husband asked if I was going to get a shake. I said no. He replied, "Oh come on now. It's just one day." I passed.

I have been thinking about that statement, "It's just one day," and how just one day is holding me back from reaching my ideal health goals.

I started thinking about all the birthdays, holidays, annual traditions etc., that find me using the excuse, "It's just one day" to justify poor eating choices. So I wrote them down. In my little family of five divine souls, there are 42 "just one days." Start adding the annual vacation, camping trip and extended family functions and that's a whole lot of just one days that usually spill over into one or more days with leftovers.

So anyway with the self-evaluation I have been doing this week, I decided to use "It's just one day" as my mantra. I can choose to pass on the birthday cake, the shake, the smore's, the second serving, the whatever....because after all,

"It's Just One Day."

Posted August 17, 2012 by Jodi