4 rounds of:

3 min jump rope
10 biceps concentration curls (R) AHAP
10 biceps concentration curls (L) AHAP
10 pullups
10 single arm bent row (R) AHAP
10 single arm bent row (L) AHAP

Post weights and strings of consecutive rope jumps to comments. 


According to a new Columbia University study - Females who do not get enough sleep tend to eat 328 more calories per day.  Ladies, that is 119,720 extra calories per year.  It will add up to 34 lbs. of weight gain per year if you miss a year's worth of Zs.  Men over do it by 263 calories extra.  Gents, that is 95,995 extra calories per year!  That would mean a weight gain of 27 lbs. if you spent a whole year tossing and turning. 

We have long said that you cannot out-exercise or out-nutrition bad sleeping habits.  Scientists have determined that a good night of sleep consists of more than 6 hours and less than 9 hours of sleep. BTW - you MAY not need all of that sleep at once (more on that to come...).



Is GPP for those of all ages - YEP!