by Neil Anderson

Leg Shredder is a unique workout.  In terms of optimal health, no workout is more effective for your lower body.  In terms of impact, well, we don't have a workout that is more impactful.  Many are equally impactful, but none more...  Those who have experienced this workout KNOW what I'm talking about.  It is one of only two workouts that comes with an enhanced warning about the soreness and potential injury it can cause if misused (Thrust-O-Rama is the other). 

If, despite the warnings, you had the misfortune of over-doing the shredder, there are some things you need to know.

1.  Stay away from heat for the first couple of days.  A hot tub or heating pad may make your soreness and potential for injury exponentially worse.

2.  Drink LOTS of water.  It will help flush your system.

3.  Light (very light) stretching may help.

4.  Remember R.I.C.E.

5.  Show up for tomorrow's workout.  This could help you a ton, but use common sense here.  When soreness becomes injury, rest is best. 

5.  Try an ice bath.  Instructions (from Running Times Magazine): 

"Modern research points to 12–15º C or 54–60º F as the ideal ice bath temperature range; remember that the temperature will rise steadily with your body heat. Significantly colder baths offer no additional perks and can actually perpetrate cold-induced muscle damage or spontaneous fainting—a good reason to have a friend watch your back while sharing in the misery."

Once you feel the blood rush around the six-minute mark, stay in for a couple more minutes, but don’t overdo it. Muscles and tissues can tense up with too much cold."

If I were you, I'd do this up to 3 times per day.  Oh, I would also wear a parka.