by Neil Anderson

Blisters and rips (although VERY cool) are NOT badges of honor.  They are set backs.  If you get a very bad rip in your hands you will be out for the better part of a week waiting for your hands to heal enough to grip anything. This will blow a full week for you.  Not in a good way either.

Take preventative measures (today and EVERY day) to decrease your chances of getting a rip or blister. Here are some tips you may consider:

1.  Athletic taping helps. Cover all areas exposed to the bar.
2.  Chalk up. A good load of chalk will prevent your hands from becoming sweat-logged and hyper-grippy.
3.  The right kind of glove can help if you don't mind sissifying your workout a little.  I use them.  I know...I know.. To get the right kind of glove we suggest summertime motocross gloves.  They are very tough, thin and well ventilated.  I cut the fingers off mine (pictured below).
4.  Pay VERY careful attention to your hands.  If you even begin to rip or feel a hot tingler...STOP!  Don't blast through it.  EVEN/ESPECIALLY if you only have a couple reps to go.  Those couple could cost you a week.    

Our suggestion for an "ideal" workout glove (if you are going to use one at all) is a summertime motocross glove with the fingers cut out.  Less padding and material equals more grip and a better feel.