Why Backwards Jump Ropes?

by Neil Anderson

Why backwards jump ropes?

Because each time you teach your body a new movement pattern it becomes immediately more fit.  Like NOW! 

One of the ways we measure fitness gained is by observing measurable increase in work load.  Work is scientifically defined as force x distance.  By this definition, where once you had no ability to jump rope backwards (ZERO force x ZERO distance), you have immediately increased your fitness upon learning this skill (bw x distance jumped).  Multiply that by the number of backwards jump ropes you completed and now you have a measurement of your increased fitness.  

Training the nervous system SPECIFICALLY is one of the most often overlooked aspects of health.  Most enthusiasts and experts concentrate on training the musculoskeletal system and the bio energetic pathways only.  It is hard to blame them.  Learning new skills and movement patterns is exponentially harder than simply bombing a workout.  It also has potential to make you feel uncoordinated, silly, or self-conscious.  But doing so yields much faster and incomparable results.  And so, we jump rope backwards.