Better Bs

by Neil Anderson

Good news!  It seems that the "B" vitamins in your daily multi-vit have gotten better.  In the old days, they used to tell us the only way to know your multi-vit was even dissolving was if your urine went bright yellowish-green.  The discoloration was supposed to be due to the "B" vitamins in your tablets.  The big thing back then was that if your pee wasn't the same color as a high-lighter pen you were probably passing tablets whole!  Port-a-potty cleaners have graphic stories about this (something about a pressure washer and strainers).  I heard that one port-a-potty cleaner was supposed to possess a collection of all the popular brands.  All the markings on the tablets were supposedly still visible...too much info? 

Have you recently become alarmed that your urine doesn't glow in the dark several hours after taking your vitamins?  Me too...until I talked to Wally.  Turns out the new vitamins (the good ones) don't do this anymore.  The "B" vitamins have gotten better.  Guess we are all going to have to find a new way to determine if our multi-vit is working.  If you hear of one let me know.  Also, if you think of a way to poke that port-a-potty image out of your minds eye, also let me know.  It haunts me.

Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Feeling any of these?  Does it tell you something? What exactly? Are you really hungry or are you just jones'n?  It takes two weeks before you are able to learn the difference. 


Symptoms of Withdrawal -

Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms

Eating 6x/day Doesn't Work

By Neil Anderson                                            

It is a piece of “gym lore” that never made any sense.  Eating six times per day is supposed to make you lose weight faster.  Have you ever heard this advice?  Did it make any sense when you heard it?  It never made sense to me either.  Unfortunately, it has permeated the health and fitness establishment to the point that it has become law in many expert’s minds.   

Although bodybuilders had been doing this for decades, I think Bill Phillips was the first to proliferate this advice (6 per day) in his bestselling book, “Body for Life.”  “Body for Life” sold over 4 million copies and was translated into 20 different languages.  Since then, it has become such common advice to eat 6 meals per day for weight loss that trainers, RD’s, M.D’s and PH.D’s have even begun bandwagoning this advice almost daily without ever stopping to investigate its origins in junk science. 

The Junk Science behind eating six meals per day has to do with