by Katelyn Murdock

AFAP – as fast as possible

AHAP – as heavy as possible

AHASP – as heavy as is safely possible ( a stupid, redundant, unnecessary term)

AHiAP – as high as possible

AMRAP – as many rounds as possible

BB – bar bell

BG2OH – burpee ground to overhead

BTB – bottom to bottom

BW – body weight

C&J – clean and jerk

DB – dumbbell

DL – dead lift

DU – double under

DW – daily workout

GPP – general physical preparedness

HSPU – hand stand push up

IBW – ideal body weight

K2S – knees to shoulders

KB – kettle bell

OH – overhead

OTC – on trainer’s count

PC&J – power clean and jerk

Piri – piriformis

PP – push press

PR – personal record

PSC – power squat clean

Rep – repition

RM – rep max

Rx – as prescribed (as written)

SAS – single arm snatch

SLD – single leg dead lift

SLS2S – single leg sit to stand

SPP – specific physical preparedness

STAB – shoulders, triceps, abs, biceps

stab – stability

STABL – shoulders, triceps, abs, biceps, legs

T2T – top to top

TGU – Turkish get up

TOKOKTOTHJWTHSBTHSTPOB – toes out knees out, knees track over toes, heels just wider than hips, sit back through heels, squat to parallel or below.

Uni –unilateral (one sided)


Can you think of one we missed?  Please post to comments.