By Cami Jo Satterthwaite

Sometimes losing weight is frustrating.

Well, ALL the time it’s frustrating, but especially when it’s not happening as quickly as you would like.

For those of you who feel stuck, here is a thought that has helped me along …

New Picture (4).png

A pound of butter consists of four sticks…

New Picture (5).png

One stick is a ¼ of a pound.

¼ of a pound in weight loss seems menial. Not even noteworthy.

But think that’s a WHOLE stick of butter! A whole stick that’s got to MELT off from somewhere!!

Lost ½ pound? That’s two sticks!

New Picture (6).png

Though sometimes the changes are not drastic or extremely visible, they COUNT! They keep adding up until one day you wake up so amazed by the progress you’ve made.

Celebrate the little victories. Keep positive. Move forward.

Just remember: every little bit counts.

*Disclaimer: This is not meant to make butter a villain. I love butter. Obviously. It is simply a stimulating visual. I understand that our bodies are not made out of butter. But this was never about butter…