"Veteran" status is sort of a made up thing, but it's VERY real.  It means you know better.  Veterans at GPP are blooded.  Seriously.  They can pilot their way through any and all of our workouts gaining maximum benefit, while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. 


Mainly the pitfalls they avoid are wasted time and effort.  But, they are very skilled at avoiding injuries and excess soreness.  Notice I didn't say ALL soreness.  Even experts will hit the wall from time to time.  Hitting the wall seems to be part of this journey.  Experts are better at bouncing back though. 

One of the ways you can know you are approaching "Vet" status is by looking to the Rx.  If, in general, you are able to complete ALL of the workouts within any given week as it is written (as Rx'd).  As written means you can do all the reps, of all the sets, of all the rounds of any given workout.  It also means you did this with perfect form using the recommended weights.  It also means you can do this without evil, awful horribleness and pain.  If this is so, you are probably approaching "Veteran" status. 

Completing a consecutive week of our workouts as Rx'd shows broad based ability, fitness and skill.  Many people have individual strengths that lend to Rx'ing certain workouts after a short while.  But, few posses the ability to Rx workouts that lie outside of their strengths.  GPP programming is extremely broad in scope.  It will take you outside of your strengths regularly.  However, Vets will attain acumen within all aspects of fitness and develop more broad based abilities.  Rob Eastman is a great example of this broad-based fitness.  Last weekend, Rob ran 9 miles in 55 minutes.  Several weeks before that he bench pressed 110 lbs above his body weight for 2 reps.  See what I mean by broad? 

Each week, our unique programming ensures that we put all ten aspects of fitness on you in a way that will increase each aspect.  If you are very strong, you will Rx workouts that play to your strength, but in general, the endurance, stamina and flexibility stuff will take you for a ride.  The opposite is usually true of those with lots of endurance.  After you bring the other aspects of fitness up to speed with your strength, Veteran status is now within your grasp.     

Another way to know if you are a Vet is by logging time within our methodology.  If you understand and live the meaning and purposes of GPP fitness.  If you have spent more days than not over the last year exercising and learning about your fitness, health and nutrition.  If you have made positive and consistent gains in your health, fitness and appearance over the last 6-12 months and learned how to keep these gains.  If you have payed it forward by encouraging and helping others.  It is a safe bet that you are one of our salty, crusty old VETs.  

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