by Neil Anderson

Today is the first day of our new Crash Course Challenge.  One of the most frequent questions I get is, "How long will it take before I begin to see results?" 

It takes about 1 week. 

A study out of Canada (I'm not sure why Canada does all the best studies on H & F) showed that after one week, or about 4 workouts, your risk of diabetes is lowered by as much as 50%.  They figure this may  be due to your body increasing insulin sensitivity.  It is an interesting study. 

Another study out of Canada (it's just weird) showed that those who did 4-7, 30 second interval sprints (like we do with Tabatas) doubled their VO2 max (a measure of cardiovascular fitness).  DOUBLED!  Granted, this may be going from nothing to something for most people, but 100% improvement is nothing to scoff at.  

So here is the plan.  Whether you are involved in the CCC beginning today or not, decrease your calories by 500 starting today.  How many is that?  Well, it is time to figure this out.  You should roughly know how many calories you are eating every day.  Otherwise, how do you propose you make changes?  It is something that should not cannot be done for you.  Your health success mandates your own involvement, right?

The rest of the plan?  Do GPP workouts.  I'll do the programming for you.  You do the work and VIOLA! 

That is it.  To answer the question of, "How long will it take?"  Within 1 week - you should be able to increase your health by 50%; increase your fitness by 50% and if you drop 500 calories per day while increasing your exercise (roughly 500 cals per day - although, I'm not convinced weight loss is all about calories anymore) you should be dropping up to 5 lbs of fat per week. 

It starts today!  Good luck!