by Neil Anderson

Weight loss isn't magic.  There is no secret formula or method.   There is only basic knowledge, hard work and perseverance.  We all know how to make weight loss work.  We DO.  You take amazing exercise programming and combine it with balanced, low calorie nutrition.  Then, BE PERFECT! 

Still, this process is hard.  For whatever reason(s) (there are many) it is still a struggle.  So, to make it somewhat easier for those who struggle, we have compiled this list (not exhaustive) of the traits all successful losers have in common.  

1.  They get on a roll.  Sometimes weight loss success is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and continuing on.  We've learned it takes around 4 days to get on a roll.  After 2 weeks it is easier to stay on a roll than to come off it.  

2.  They stay hungry.  Not terribly.  Not to the point of detriment, but ALL the FRICKIN time they are somewhat hungry.  They go to bed hungry.  They wake up hungry.  They walk around hungry.  They eat meals and are still hungry after.  They realize this is part of the process.  They also realize those who say, "I wasn't really hungry at all" simply forgot about the first two weeks of this process.  They have been on a roll for so long, they became used to it.  You should look forward to getting to this point.   

Many have forgotten just how uncomfortable it was to become an over-eater.  The first two weeks (and every day after) of this process were simply miserable.  The bloated stomach.  The gas.  The heartburn and indigestion.  Despite all this, most persevered.  This perseverance lead to tolerance.  It isn't that they aren't still miserable.  They've just gotten on a roll with the misery.   

Know this: Constant over-eating is exponentially harder on you than low-calorie dieting is.  Over thousands of years of genetic programming your body has created coping mechanisms that allow it to be, in fact, healthier due to low calorie input.  Your body is absent coping mechanisms for dealing with long term over-eating.  Although you may eventually learn to cope with the ill-feelings of eating too much, doing so will always lead to poor health, lack of function and disease.        

3.  They are in touch with reality.  They never seek comfort outside of it's realm.    

4.  They reject the notion of an excuse.  At GPP we have heard hundreds of REASONS why a normal functioning person might be less healthy than they ought to be.  But, we've never heard 1 excuse.  

5.  They completely understand their own body.  How does your body do with high protein?  What types of proteins are best for you?  How many carbs can you eat before you gain weight?  What kinds of carbs?  Are you gluten intolerant?  Are you a vegetarian?  Should you be?  How much water do you need daily?  Do you realize it would be different daily?  How will the amount of sleep you had last night affect your workout today?  On a scale of 1-10 where is your stress level?  What, specifically, will higher stress do to your success?  

6.  They meticulously keep track of successes and failures.  It is a mistake to think you'd gather this info without deliberate, sometimes painstaking action.  We are convinced that some form of logging (your body, your nutrition, your workouts, your stress, etc.) is integral to your long-term success.  

7.  They learn from these successes and failures.  They "get" that the best learning methods are those which are multifaceted.  On top of conscientious experience, they will employ coaches, writings, lectures, video, audio and community to help them. 


 Weight loss is not complicated thing.  It certainly isn't magic.  It's just HARD.  All things worth pursuing are.  But the health you seek from weight loss is worth the toil and trouble.  We hear this almost every day.  Apply the list above and you'll get there sooner than later.  If you do not apply this list we suspect it will be "later." ... Much later.