Why Tabata training?  It's easy.  In THIS  landmark study from 1996 Tabata protocol (there were several tested.  It's where we get the :20s "on" :10s "off") was compared to "regular" training protocol.  

In the "regular" study, participants did 60 minutes per day on the stationary bike at a regulated %70 of their VO2 max.  This was (still is by most experts) considered the best intensity for increasing fitness.  After 6 weeks, they found:

-Anaerobic capacity did NOT CHANGE.
-VO2max (aerobic capacity)increased by 5 ml.kg-1.min-1.     

Using Tabata protocol (outlined above) for 4 min per day /5x per week for 6 weeks they found: 

-Anaerobic capicity increased by 28% (amazing incr by ANY protocol).
-VO2 max (aerobic capacity) increased by 7 ml.kg-1.min-1.

The results have been so astounding, there are still "experts" in this industry that don't trust the numbers and won't use the protocol.  They figure there is "NO WAY" one could get those increases in just 4 min/day.  At GPP we have used "Tabatas" for years and years.  We have proven the protocol (as if we needed to) over and over.  

Results are astounding with "Tabatas."  Pour your heart and soul into them (if, and when able) to get the most benefit.