As Heavy As Possible

by Neil Anderson

AHAP - An abbreviation (maybe an acronym) meaning "As Heavy As Possible." We generally use this term when we know that the weight of the programmed exercise(s) can only be determined by the user.  Users are to choose weights for the exercise(s) based upon their experience level and their personal understanding of the intention of the workout.  These weights will be highly individualistic and will vary widely from person to person. It is a forgone conclusion that the weight chosen by the user would be safe, manageable and effective for the intended purpose.  Writing the abbreviation (acronym?) as AHASP (As Heavy As is Safely Possible) is redundant and condescending. 

Recently GPP came under fire by a competing training facility for our use of the term AHAP.  The professional trainers who saw this written in our Daily Workout stated online that our use of this term would surely injure our clients.  Apparently these trainers judge you to be so simple-minded that upon seeing this term (AHAP) you would somehow lose all common sense and mental capacity.  From there, I suppose, they must think you would blindly rip into a workout with no mind to safety, effectiveness, or efficiency.  As a side note - It is always surprising to me when those who profess to help us think so VERY LITTLE of us to begin with.