i run to prove to myself and my kids that it is possible to do something that is really, really hard regardless of age.
i run because i love having a goal and accomplishing it.
i run because i want my family to be proud of me.
i run because i want to be proud of myself.
i run for the peace. running allows my mind to take a break, wander, imagine.
i run because it makes me mentally tough.
i run to hear the rhythm of my feet hitting the ground, there is something peaceful and magical about that sound.
i run to be julie...for that small moment in time i don't have to be a mom, wife, trainer, neighbor, etc....i love being all those things, but running is a part of me that is my very own....hard to explain:)
i run so i can every so often open the box of a new pair of running shoes, it smells like potential....don't you think? i love thinking about how much potential is in that new pair of shoes.....weird i know.
so.....saturday i will run again for all these reasons, and many more.