Looking to Unsub?

Sorry to see you go. But am super grateful you spent some time with us. Thank you for that.

I went to great lengths to make sure this subscription is under YOUR complete control at all times. You may cancel your subscription to this site at will. Please don't write to me asking for me to do it. I can't from I end. Not easily. I guess I CAN ban you. I saw instructions for that when I set the paywall up, but I've never done it and would have to dink with it for hours to make it happen.   

To unsub, go to www.piano.io. Up in the R hand corner of the landing page there is a login button. Click it. Use the credentials you created in the beginning and simply manage your subscriptions from there. Don't remember your login details? Cool, just click forgot. The paywall provider will lead you through the recovery process.

Again, thanks for spending some time with us. Come back soon!