Megan Wallace

I have been at GPP since it opened. I love GPP. I love it for it's intensity and incredible programming, for the great friends I meet and the opportunity it gives me to interact with others. Over time I've had to learn how to adjust the workouts and make them work for me, but recognizing that is OK has made all the difference and allowed me to continue to progress. I am a mother of four. That is my full time job. I love being a mother and a trainer. I also enjoy baking, reading, hiking and working in the yard.


Candice sherman

I’ve been a client for 8.5 years. GPP is my second home, I feel as comfortable there as I do sitting on my own couch watching TV J  From the moment I started there 8 years ago, it was a place not intimating or overwhelming. It is a community of friendly and welcoming people of all different ages and fitness levels.  GPP is a program that can work for anybody. I love the minimalist philosophy and Neil’s mantra of not taking it too seriously. I love that GPP prepares me to go out and enjoy the world outside.  It truly teaches that our bodies are instruments, not ornaments – and in a world obsessed with appearance, that is a refreshing and liberating feeling.

Real job: I work as V.P. of Product Development @ Progrexion.  We do credit report repair services for Lexington Law firm and CreditRepair.com

Hobbies: Trail running, road biking, camping, traveling, adventurous eating, and reading.


deb hauck

I’m Deb Hauck. I’ve been at GPP for 6 years.  It’s one of the top 5 places like to spend my time.  I really love the philosophy that optimal health is a balance of 8 aspects and being at HQ helps me with multiple aspects, not just physical. Most of my days are full of feeding, cleaning up after, driving, and trying to ignore my four kids.