Testimonials, Kind of, Suck!

So, I've decided to pull our "testimonials" pages down. Although we had dozens of before and after pics and even more written testimonials, I wasn't keeping it up, here's why: 

  1. Testimonials are a joke. The health and fitness industry has bastardized the "testimonial." It has made a mockery of itself by falsifying endorsements of its products and services (photo-shop, paid affirmations, out-right lies, etc.). As the industry has done this, they have mocked you and I. They have shown all of us an utter lack of regard while professing to want to HELP us. I won't be a part of this charade, and so I will no longer pander as they do. Well, not much anyway. I'll probably leave the pic of Tara just to show I'm not COMPLETELY blowing smoke here. :)  

  2. TRUST can't be spoon-fed to someone. Our stuff just plain works. It is the most effective and efficient programming for achieving Optimal Health on earth. There are thousands of examples of unsolicited KUDOS and "THANK YOUs" throughout this website. You'll see them virtually everywhere you look. Those who care do a little work, and it's just a little, will see. Those who don't care to do even a LITTLE  work probably aren't ready to do what it takes to obtain health & fitness anyway. No before and/or after pic will change this.  
  3. Sometimes you have to muster up a little faith. 21 years, full-time in this industry has taught me that the first step in the process of becoming healthy and fit is to have a little faith in yourself. If you can learn to summon some faith in me, you'll learn to rally even more faith in yourself.

I wish things were different, that we could just advertise our wares without being immediately scrutinized and lumped into a category which has debased itself. But it IS what it IS. And instead of following suit, I think we'll just continue to redefine the category. I hope you'll come a long with us and help.