If you came to our place with the illusion that this was some fancy place where you could meander in, mosey around and do some candy-assed version of whatever someone told you was "good enough" - you've got us all wrong, friend. 

Fact is, you've got this health and fitness thing - all wrong.

Want to get healthy? There is a price. That price is firm.

Want to get around it? You can't. 

It's that simple. I should stop here. The last 2 sentences say it all. Please read and re-read until the words are burnt into the backs of your eyelids. Those words should be the last things you see as you gratefully fall into a coma after hard day of GSD. Tomorrow morning as you roust your mangy backside out from underneath your recovery cocoon (bed), those 2 sentences should be the first things to cross your mind.

Then, promptly go GSD.   

What is the price? Can someone just tell me up front?

OK. Here is the price: 

  • Dollars. Thousands and thousands of them. Many more than you thought you'd spend. Many more than you have now.
  • Time. This will be a constant commitment. There really is NO time off. Every minute you take off will cost you hours to get back. You can trade time for money, but only negatively. In other words, If you spend less money it will take more time. If you spend more money, it will take the same amount of time as it does everyone else. Remember, constant commitment.
  • Effort. Ask anyone who has made significantly positive changes to their health and fitness will tell you this process is many times ROUGHER than they ever could have imagined. MUCH higher than they ever anticipated.

Remuneration will be exacted at the cost of:

Bloody hands
Chalkly - every frickin thing
& etc. 

Expect to pay more. How much more? Life will get back to you on that. It's best if you just sign a blank check and hand it over. Better yet, just leave your CC#. Your acct will be debited as you go. No explanations. No limits. 

That is the cost. As bleak as it sounds, we all know - it's worth it. Every bit of it. And the cool thing is, you don't have to pay it all up front. In fact, health is the only asset you'll ever acquire where it is more valuable to pay as you go - in installments. 

Theodore Roosevelt said:

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

Ours is a work worth doing. We understand this comes at a price. We DON'T do anything half-assed. And because of this, we don't do FREE.