"I love how short your movement demo videos are.  Is there a reason behind them being so brief?" 

Yeah.  We don't think that people are idiots.  It is really that simple.   

The movements we do are quite natural.  Humans have been doing them in some form, or fashion for millenia.  A very complete, yet brief demonstration (20 sec, or so) of how to perform most movements is usually more than enough to help you gain the benefits of GPP.  It's cool because people all over the world are attaining unbelievable results (while staying safe) with just these short clips. 

Also, we believe taking more time than is needed to explain irrelevant details of natural movements undermines our purposes for moving in the first place. 

Also, we think that those who take more time than is needed to explain movement details which are irrelevant to your needs aren't trying to help you at all.  More often than not, they are engaged in self-important pursuits.  Where possible, we strive to not be like that.