Question from Court on MY FaceBook page (thanks Court):

"I have always heard not to eat anything after 6pm...until recently.  Now I'm told that you should eat some protein right before bed so your body doesn't break down muscle tissue while you sleep...What are your thoughts...?"

A: There is definitely something to be said about keeping "pro'd-up." Doing so helps regulate blood sugar, spare muscle and regulate appetite. It does a lot of other things too.

You are right.  Scientists and professionals are now saying you should have some protein on board at bedtime. More specifically they suggest casein (it digests more slowly). Having protein in your stomach while sleeping may help repair mechanisms in your body do their jobs more efficiently. This may help you become stronger, leaner and younger looking. It may also dramatically improve immune function.  We suggest 20-24 grams within 30 min of falling asleep.  That is, if your stomach can handle it.  For this reason we suggest VERY high quality protein.  We sell THIS.     

BTW - That whole "Eat after six and it sticks" thing is a myth UNLESS you are the type that eats a boat load of food after six.  If this is the case, you should apply its principles with haste.