by Neil Anderson

One of the things that makes your GPP training so much different from other programs (other than we aren't afraid of doing biceps curls) is our understanding of Seasonal Training.  What we call "Seasonal Training" is actually a form of periodization.  Periodization is an organized approach of programming that progressively cycles various aspects of a given training program over a specific period of time.  

Your body doesn't have the ability to recover and make gains from the same types of training stimuli day in and day out, month after month, year after year.  This is NOT new. Those who don't periodize their training cycles will soon find that they do not get as much from their workouts as they used to.  They plateau.  Some even backtrack.  Worse, those who don't periodize their workouts could eventually wear out their bodies and may suffer injury.  Sometimes catastrophic injury.  

Just because some folks are switching up their workouts almost daily doesn't mean they aren't doing the SAME kinds of workouts.  The magic of getting results from exercise isn't to be had in being able to come up with some new or cool workout/movements.  Any idiot can do this.  The magic of results occurs when those new workouts/movements are used in ways that stimulate continuous change.  This requires advanced knowledge about how the human body functions.  

Periodization techniques vary among experts.  The types of techniques most used depend on the type of activities they are involved in.  For example, skiers usually train so that their body is in peak physical condition for the winter season.  Athletes with longer seasons (triathletes) will generally periodize their training to peak their body for a specific event or championship (Ironman, Kona).  

So how does GPP periodize?  Easy.  We follow nature. Nature has a very effective way of ensuring that you use your body differently at different times of the year.  It gives us seasons.  Each season requires us to be physical in different ways.  Your GPP trainers recognize this as nature's way of keeping us healthy and helping us to progress.  So we design your programming to mimic the natural and functional physical demands that your body is pre-programmed to follow.  Our unique interpretation of "Seasonal Training" truly sets us apart from the industry.  It is not something we have learned from other professionals, nor is it something we have shared - YET!  Hopefully someday we'll be able to share our approach with more folks.  

Our workouts aren't randomized.  They are programmed. Many of you notice the subtle changes in your training throughout different times of the year.  Many of you have even recognized that it has been good to get away from certain workouts and build upon other aspects of your training capacities.  It is impressive that you are so in tune with this.  We have always said that our "Vets" are better trainers than most of the pros we've worked with over the years.  

Getting back into workouts like "Meg-inator" will be somewhat painful, at first.  I don't know about you, but I was wrecked by "Spector" last week after having been away from it for several months.  The pain is just part and parcel to the advancement (as long as it is minimized).  However, it behooves us to use the scaling skills we have developed over the years and apply them seasonally.  Just because we were fine (it's a relative word) to do a specific workout 3 months ago, will not mean we are good to go now.  Once we adapt again, we will be stronger for having done so.  Which is the point.  It is how GPP continues to help you make gains over the long term.  Many of you who have been with us for years look better now and are stronger, with more endurance, than ever.  This is saying a LOT considering the amazing capacity and appearances of our GPPeeps!  This is mainly due to your OUTSTANDING will, discipline, courage and capacity for change.  It can also, in a smaller way, be attributed to your participation in "Seasonal GPP Programming" techniques.