We are lucky to have some of the finest experts anywhere storming workouts at our gym.  This week we asked Curtis Jolley P.T. MOMT of Performance West Physical Therapy to take us through some stretches we can use daily to improve our health and function. 

Some suggestions from Curtis:

1. Do these AFTER your workout.  Or ONLY after a complete and thorough warm-up.
2. If you have existing pain, or if these stretches increase your pain - don't do them. 
3. Take each stretch only to the point where it becomes MILDLY uncomfortable. 
4. Holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds is all that is needed.
5. Repeat each stretch 2-3 times for the most benefit. 
6. These may be done daily.


For the front of your torso.

triceps, shoulders & lats

mainly quads

hip flexors


assisted hamstring

glute, piriformis

calf (gastroc)

deep calf (soleus)