by Neil Anderson

There is a set of exercise that is more valuable than all others.  It is the set that counts.  It is the one where unless you do it exactly right, you will have wasted the greatest portion of your workout.

We call it the Money Set.

It is the set that comes last.  The one that is called for when you are most tired, least focused and in the most pain.  It is the one where you think to yourself, “hell, I’ve done a ton already.  I can skip the last two reps, right?” 

Bad idea, friend.

Squandering your Money Set will cost you the most in terms of stagnation, lack of progress and frustration.  If however, you pay the price by doing the hard stuff, it'll pay double your efforts in return.  But, that's not why we call it the Money Set. 

It is called the Money Set because - its the one that makes the most change.