by Neil Anderson

Incline pushup (to the left), right?  NOPE!  This is a DECLINE pushup.  However, many so-called "fitness experts" consider it an incline.  These people are what we like to call, "WRONG!"  

They'd be right if they were calling this an "inclining body pushup."  For the BODY truly is on an incline but, they are not calling it that.  They are calling it an "incline pushup."  By calling this an incline pushup, they are naming it after the movement.  NOT the body position.  This indicates that the PUSH phase of this movement is to be done on an incline and it does not.  It declines.  Hands begin far below the shoulders, move up to within inches of the shoulders then back down...IT'S A DECLINE!      

For this exercise to be called an "incline" the MOVEMENT must incline.  Hands should start at or near the shoulders and move to ABOVE.